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Jeffrey Marsalis made national headlines in 2009 after his second sexual assault conviction.

He first stood trial in 2006 accused by 10 women of sexual assault.

Jeff Kover, DDS was raised in a family of four children. His mother was a nurse and considering her background, explains when the other children were learning their ABCs, Dr. He eventually felt compelled to focus on dentistry, as he enjoys working with his hands and the instant gratification of creating that beautiful, healthy smile. Kover attended the Ohio State University School of Dentistry and graduated in 1995. Kover has remained committed to constant continuing education to stay abreast of all the technological advances in modern dental care.

After all, dentistry was not digital or virtual 20 years ago!

None of the Philadelphia women went to the police right away, trying to convince themselves instead that nothing happened.

It wasn’t until the police began investigating one of Marsalis’ ex-girlfriends who reported being date-raped that the women came forward with their stories – all of which were eerily similar: a bar, a blackout, and a confusing morning.

As millions of people around the country listened, Dr. He knows what problems today's brothers and sisters face, and he knows how to help.

Jeff is committed to providing low-cost animal care to all, which means he puts the welfare of the pets well before profit, and the animals that he cares for are in the very best of hands.

He has a complete understanding of how many people simply feel uncomfortable in the dental chair.

Ten of these cases were prosecuted in two separate trials in January 2006 and June 2007, but ultimately “Dr.

Jeff” walked away a free man, acquitted both times and found not guilty of rape.

Kover enjoys good food and cooking up great meals for his friends.

He also enjoys working in his garden, doing minor home improvement projects and vacationing with his family and partner of over 20 years. Kover has experienced high anxiety and even panic attacks in his past.

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