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And are they shining role models for a new generation or a recipe for relationship disaster?

Nikki Owen, 49, typifies this new breed of high-earning women.

How has your husband handled your decision to talk about the fact that you’re the breadwinner?

He has been really supportive and throughout the process we have been very communicative.

It's a staggering figure that represents what is probably the biggest and most significant social shift of our time, with far-reaching implications for personal relationships and family lives which we're only just beginning to fully appreciate. How have we gone from 1969, when just 4 per cent of women out-earned their men, to this?

) situation (How To Date A Woman Who Makes More Money Than You).

Men aren’t the only ones bucking tradition, as women are more willing to break up sooner if a guy isn’t pulling his weight.

Luis Gonzales, a lawyer in Los Angeles, finds that, “Women are now initiating divorces more than men because they feel financially secure on their own.” Gonzales, who is single, says that he when he dates, he expects, “women to be financially secure for themselves.” While women are expected (and expecting themselves) to pony up, there has not been a shift surrounding appearance, childcare, and household chores. Cecilia Dintino, a psychologist in New York, found her female patients, “feel pressure to have both an amazing lucrative career and to have children. It’s an unspoken cultural expectation that infiltrates the relationship expectations.” It seems like women are still getting the short end of the stick.

Recent figures from a large-scale government study show the number of 'breadwinner wives' - women in partnerships who earn more than their men - has soared to 19 per cent, with another 25 per cent earning the same amount as their menfolk.

It means that almost half of us now earn as much or more than our husbands and partners.

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