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Words speak louder than actions Ryan Dodge, 26, admits that when it comes to reading women's signals, he sometimes strikes out.Reader I’m Every Woman writes, I’m 17 and there’s this boy I like. I felt like I already met him because of the vibes I used to get from him, though we never exchanged words.She might even ignore you slightly or pay more attention to another guy, leaving you wondering if you entirely misread her intentions. But the reality is that human beings will deliberately mix up the signals in an effort to look cool, suave and disinterested.It is less appealing to be an overly enthusiastic single person who appears to be excited to meet you.They arent going to risk having you misinterpret the meaning if starting or building a relationship with you is something that they actually want to achieve. What evidence are they showing that they are pleasant to be around? If you get that signal wrong then you are guaranteed to have that awkward moment of rejection and no one really wants that.

The topic of mixed signals is commonly brought up in discussions about dating.Sometimes our own assumptions, expectations and desires can get in the way of what is actually happening.If you are only looking for green lights, your mind can lead you to believe a smile from her is a sure sign you’re the one.It started bothering me so I had to ask him what’s wrong.And he ended up saying “you’re not my type of girl.”I was baffled and surprised .

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