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Exactly where the word “mascara” comes from is unclear, but it is most frequently thought to be based from the Spanish word máscara meaning ‘mask’ or ‘stain’ and the Italian word maschera meaning ‘mask’.

The Oxford English Dictionary also cites an alternative Catalan definition that describes soot or a black smear, or a Portuguese root (the Portuguese word máscara means ‘mask’, but a similar word, mascarra, means dark stain or smut).

For darkening the eyebrow and moustaches without greasing them and making them prominent.” In 1890, the Century Dictionary defined mascara as “a kind of paint used for the eyebrows and eyelashes by actors.” And in 1894, N.

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It has a strong smell of lavender and I love lavender fragrance. The shampoo is normal white colored and medium in texture. It is easy to detangle my hair after shampooing and my comb goes smoothly through the hair. It cleans my hair nicely and keeps them fresh for long.Today I am going to share my view on this Ultra Blends Anti Hair Fall shampoo. The shampoo comes in a light brownish peach color plastic bottle with a bronzy cap.There is a small leaf mark on the cap which looks very pretty. Ultra Blends Anti Hairfall shampoo contains the benefit of Royal jelly and Lavender. I’m a huge lover of literature, indie and foreign films and could possibly be more passionate about these than cosmetics. I adore traveling and have been to many great and exotic places! I’m also a geek and come with all the excess baggage geeks come with such as attending crazy conventions, playing stupid amounts of Wo W, reading manga, and watching Star Trek and Doctor Who reruns.

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