Are quinn and santana dating

‘s season four finale, it’s time to ask ourselves a tough (but exciting!

) question: Who should the show cast as Santana’s girlfriend next season?

The first person Santana was truly introduced in conjunction with was Puck.

Assumedly, they were dating at the time of “Acafellas,” when Mercedes longingly witnessed them kissing in the hallways.

Santana broke up with Puck over his credit score, but then sexted him while he was babysitting with Quinn.

She got jealous over his dating Mercedes, and insisted they were dating again in Season 2 - even fangirling Puck’s alleged badassness in “Never Been Kissed.” Santana and Puck as a unit existed originally in periphery only, to serve as contrast to our main characters in their storylines.

shows Rachel and Kurt in charge, but also gives us a peek at the brand new Glee club, which includes a LOT of familiar faces.

However, we didn’t see much of Quinn (Dianna Agron) — and by much I mean we saw half her face at the very last second.

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There was a lot to digest in this week's Glee, but a lot worthwhile.

Because according to TV Line, it’s going to be a pretty big role.? —Donna Ausiello: All indications are that Morris will be back in some capacity, but probably not until the first part of 2014 at the earliest (Morris’ baby is due in the fall).

But don’t expect Santana to wait around for her ex to resurface.

It's wedding time for Emma and Will, but Finn is wracked with guilt about his kiss with Miss Pilsbury last week.

First he tells Rachel, who tries to make it about her and his reaction to she and Brody shacking up.

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