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This allows the item's properties to be reset to their default values, shown later.The implementation in method provides an opportunity to provide initialization of a view when it is created as a result of a nib file being loaded.If your application needs to display content or handle mouse and keyboard events in a specific manner, you'll need to create a custom subclass of class displays a simple item and allows the user to drag it within the view.The view also supports moving the item by pressing the arrow keys and setting the color of the item. Could this be caused by some weird threading issue? To String(), true); is returning an NSLabel Cell View (Invalid Cast Exception is what's being thrown). Is there some bug in Xamarin causing this, or a setup issue on our end?

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This means no tearing and no holes in your drawing.

We are getting similar errors in a different view where we are handling the Mouse Dragged event.

It doesn't happen on every keypress, but it does happen very frequently.

If you have not created an Interface Builder palette for your custom view, there are two techniques you can use to create instances of your subclass within Interface Builder.

A view object defines a rectangular region for drawing and receiving mouse events.

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