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pm: Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar appeals to the people to end the row over Jallikattu with a celebration after the bill was passed by the Tamil Nadu assembly.

“Appeal people don’t let it slip in hands of anti-social elements.”7pm: With this act (passing the bill), all hurdles to Jallikattu have been removed.

I can`t wait to marry you." UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was my purpose, was to gain his attention. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: "It would mean, like, Are you my BF? Yes." UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Basically, a diary of their relationship. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She believes that her husband may have poisoned her. PETER JAMISON, "TAMPA BAY TIMES" (via telephone): That was her claim. We all remember Debra La Fave, one of the most notorious teacher child molesters. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That was my purpose, was to gain his attention.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mc Key Munsey told investigators her husband may have added the poison to a fast food soft drink that he had access, saying it tasted weird, like bad Coke. And her main defense against these allegations is that she was seeking to help him, as a young boy who was beginning to be interested in sexual things. His ex-wife had sex with a 14- year-old student, a full-blown relationship. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: More than 230 explicit texts Anderson admits to sending the boy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She made me make out and tongue kiss. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mc Key Munsey was rushed to Sharpe-Grossmont (ph) hospital twice for severe abdominal pains. The teacher of the year teaching a lot more than reading, writing and arithmetic, a married mother, 29-year-old Ethel Anderson, accused of repeatedly having sex relations with a 12-year-old little boy -- 12 years old! Well, I`m very interested to hear what kind of therapy that is. The only saving grace is that, unfortunately, in our society, it`s different. JASON OSHINS, DEFENSE ATTORNEY: That was actually, Nancy, the prosecutor suggested that, and the defendant willingly went along with that in terms of trying to, you know, convince and look at the jurors that this teacher of the year, as Jean Casarez mentioned, was somehow beyond actually doing this, but somehow in her convoluted way, thought she was helping this boy, who had, you know, learning problems. I mean, who monitors these teachers and makes sure that they`re doing something right? GOLDBAND: And he manually manipulated his bare (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on two occasions, rubbed his (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on the exterior of his clothing numerous times. But what do you think would be an appropriate sentence for her, upon conviction, Pamela?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She sent to the boy texts about porn and sexual acts to make him a better student. UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: "Why don`t you tell me you love me? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She told police her husband may have put antifreeze in her soda. Straight out to Peter Jamison, writer with the courts, "Tampa Bay Times." Peter, did she actually say this was to help him learn? Women teachers are often viewed differently when it`s a woman on a boy. GRACE: Out to special guest joining us tonight to answer Joe in New York`s question, Owen La Fave. Touched her breasts both bare and clothed (EXPLETIVE DELETED) area (EXPLETIVE DELETED) clothed on numerous occasions, licked the teacher`s nipples on one occasion, and you know, some more graphic acts to follow. CALLER: I don`t know if a mental institution would work, but I`d be worried about her own children, too.

But we are unique and we are totally different from them.

Tamil Nadu assembly passed on Monday the bill that overturned the Supreme Court ban on bull-taming sport Jalikattu as week-long demonstrations turned violent in Chennai.

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