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Monica and I seem to be an exception, as so many with similar stories have very different endings.Today we spend countless hours in pre-marital counseling with young couples, observing relationships of others, and preparing for weddings I’m officiating.And right now were just friends and he still does it,i want you guys to tell me your meaning of a forehead kiss?One translation of the word Tantra is "tools for expansion." Tantra is over 1500 years old, and like yoga it originated in India.

She produced and wrote From Jesus to Christ, the First Christians, a four-hour FRONTLINE series that premiered in 1998.

If you are looking for a way to enhance or deepen your sexual connection with your partner, Tantra can offer many wonderful opportunities without requiring that you follow any specific set of beliefs.

Many of the teachings are about desire and the experience of sexual energy.

As adults, some of us continue to struggle with knowing what is important in a significant other. Like so many young adults, I chased the experience of dating, grew addicted to the highs and lows of dysfunctional relationships, and suffered through bringing these bad habits into my marriage.

The fact that I am now married to a beautiful follower of Jesus is only because of God’s tremendous grace (and only after we suffered through difficult years of rebuilding trust and love).

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    As a relationship coach, I often get asked why I chose this field of work, and the answer is simple: I have a compelling interest in people and their stories, and passion for creating change – especially in the lives of others.

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