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Then she’ll slowly get used to her changed environment and make new friends, many of which might be dudes.At that point, the calls become less frequent, until eventually you’re sitting there wondering, “Why hasn’t she called? ” She might be studying with her girlfriends or helping out her sick grandma, but most tend to think the worst.Another great account to follow is the justcartoonz account.There is some amazing Snapchat artwork that is published to this account on a consistent basis.

Please comment below with your Snapchat username and what you are looking for.

You’ll either freak out and start acting like a jealous psycho or run out and party with as many random broads as possible, both of which are unfortunate.

There’s no way to know what she’s up to for sure, so unless you’re ready to put all your trust into someone, don’t take the risk.

Do your parents compose classical music, cause baby got Bach. How about we get into some Treble and go to Third Bass. I'm lower brass, and as you know, we get down like nobody's business. I can't play the guitar but i'll sure pluck your G String. "Bae, you make Rita Ora look like a teletubbie." How about we Duet all night long.

You can call me the piano man, cause you'll love the way I tickle your keys.

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