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"Someone told me in my chem class and I e-mailed my mom right way," Williams said. Williams' mother said the possibility of this being true is a "complete violation of her privacy, of our entire home -- not just Savanna.""They have the option to watch myself, my husband, my other child," Gotleib said. I think that's really the most significant part here is that this was a school district that we chose.We moved a thousand miles across the country specifically to be in this school district, which spoke volumes for my trust in them.Although this sort of access is itself surprising, Ackerman's attitude may be even more chilling. I always like to mess with them and take a picture (laughs).He tells the PBS reporter (at around 4 minutes at 30 seconds into the clip, which is below): There's an observe button and it brings up their screen. A lot of kids are just on it to check their hair, do their makeup: the girls... Nine times out of ten they duck out of the way, then they shut down and get back to work. Communities that wish to designate pages of Northern as their "official" pages may contact us to request our help in doing so. Unless indicated otherwise on site, these are NOT "OFFICIAL" WEB PAGES, but pages of a privately owned and run community website designed for information for businesses and residents of Northern Cambria and surrounding communities.For more information on seasonal activities, please contact a Resort Reservations Specialist at 844.662.8395.If winter sports are your thing then you are in luck!

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We are honored to congratulate Chef Kristin Butterworth and the entire Lautrec team for their accomplishments!

There's an uproar in a suburban Philadelphia school district over privacy and security.

School officials are being accused of using webcams to find out what students are doing at home.

She told "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez she has her computer open when she's changing in her bedroom and in the bathroom when she's taking a shower.

Williams said she was shocked to hear about the accusations against the school. This is disturbing.'"She added the entire school is worried about what the school could potentially be watching.

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