Dating tandy leathercraft tools

Wholesale Leathercraft posted sales of .6 million for November which equaled November 2015 sales.

Within the Wholesale Leathercraft division, same store sales were up 2%.

01, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tandy Leather Factory, Inc.

(NASDAQ: TLF) reported today that sales for the month of November were .4 million, up 1% compared to November 2015 sales of .3 million.

She decided to try her hand at selling leather bridles to the local cowboys, but noted that the quality had to be top notch as they tended to be more particular about what they put on horses more than what they put on their own back.

She found success with these initial leather bridles and went on to making belts, wallets, and any other leather gear customers were interested in.

] Tandy Leather Factory offers business pricing to owners of leather or craft companies.

To be approved, you must submit a state tax identification number, also known as a seller's permit, resale license or reseller's certificate.

Turn your leather craft hobby into a business by becoming an authorized dealer for a leather wholesaler.

Her iconic work inspired many other masters of the craft who established their own personal style build upon the foundation of her artistry.

Christine Stanley’s love of horses is what led to her introduction into leathercraft.

Western saddles have a rich history and tradition and no saddles can tell those stories better than antique saddles.

With each of these saddles, you can easily imagine the miles they've gone, the places they've been, the work they've done, and the people they've known.

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