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Researchers continue to discover new curcuminoids and major differences are identified.It now appears turmeric may contain well over a hundred chemical species--many of which are expected to be discovered in the essential oil complexes of this medicinal herb.For thousands of years Eastern medicine has used curcumin (the major component of turmeric) for a wide range of health benefits, but only in recent times has its biological action been understood.

"The purpose of the National Broadcasting Company will be to provide the best programs available for broadcasting in the United States. It is hoped that arrangements may be made so that every event of national importance may be broadcast widely throughout the United States," announced M. Aylesworth, the first president of NBC, in the press release. "The most pretentious broadcasting program ever presented, featuring among others, world famed stars never before heard on the air, will mark the Introduction of the National Broadcasting Company to the public Monday night," the press noted, with "a four hour radio performance by noted stars of opera, stage and concert hall".The same year, RCA obtained a license for station WRC in Washington, D. (now WTEM), and attempted to transmit audio between WJZ and WRC via low-quality telegraph lines, in an effort to make a network comparable to that operated by American Telephone & Telegraph.AT&T had created its own network in 1922, with WEAF in New York serving the research and development function for Western Electric's research and development of radio transmitters and antennas, as well as AT&T's long-distance and local Bell technologies for transmitting voice- and music-grade audio over short and long distances, via both wireless and wired methods. Since AT&T refused access of its high-quality phone lines to competitors, RCA's New York-Washington operated with uninsulated telegraph lines which were incapable of good audio transmission quality and very susceptible to both atmospheric and man-made electrical interference.In fact, most consumers may not realize many research studies achieved effective blood levels of curcumin by piperine.) The new curcumin relies upon a specific ratio of curcuminoids reconstituted with a high content of sesquiterpenoids (turmeric essential oil compounds).This new, patented manufacturing technology increases of curcumin products with a Class-1 residual solvent known as EDC (1,2-dichloroethane).

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